How it all started

We are a family living on the Dutch border.

We got a big sadness after our Westi "Chico" had died.

All the more we were all so glad that the "Irwin", our first Wheaten  became into in our familiy on the 01.08.2010.

From there it started .... The love for our breed the

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

Two and a half years later our girl "Kylah" came from the house On Inis Glas (Netherlands) to us.
In 2014, we were after all the templates it needed official breeders VDH / KfT.

When our puppies move into their new families at 8-9 weeks, they are vaccinated, chipped, registered with the Terrier Club Germany and dewormed several times. All puppies receive FCI approved pedigrees!


We are still grateful and happy every day that we have discovered this breed for us!

Read also Irwin's story.Irwin's story



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